Where We Stand

Explore BC United’s policies under Kevin Falcon’s leadership:

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Cancel Eby’s Carbon Tax Hikes

Families are stretched too thin for more NDP tax grabs and David Eby has already doubled the carbon tax. BC United will cancel David Eby’s plan to further triple the carbon tax, and will fully cancel the carbon tax if the federal government does.

Axe the Fuel Tax

Not everyone can take a bus to work or to their kids’ soccer practice. When we axe the fuel tax, you’ll save 15 cents a litre. That’s about $30 in savings for a Ford pickup or Dodge minivan.

Cut Home Heating Costs

Atlantic Canadians get a carbon tax break on home heating, but David Eby won’t demand the same for B.C. Kevin Falcon and BC United will scrap the carbon tax on all home heating.

Make Groceries Cheaper

Under the NDP, grocery prices are through the roof. Cutting the fuel tax and cancelling David Eby’s carbon tax hikes will make groceries cheaper by reducing the cost of growing and transporting food.

Scrap the EV Subsidy

Families that can’t afford a basic car of their own shouldn’t have to pay for wealthy people to buy Teslas and other luxury EVs. BC United will scrap this unfair handout.

Keep Taxes Low and Government Small

It’s wrong for government to spend beyond its means and leave our kids with the bill. BC United stands for low taxes, smaller government, and responsible spending.

End Union Favouritism

The NDP’s so-called “Community Benefits Agreements” give contracts to NDP-friendly unions while shutting out 85% of the workforce – meaning British Columbians pay more for less. BC United will scrap CBAs and restore competitive bidding on public projects.

Implement $10/day child care for everyone, everywhere.

Due to the NDP’s government-run model, only 10 per cent of families are receiving access to $10/day child care. BC United will provide direct financial subsidies to parents, ensuring that child care costs are capped at $10/day for all lower and middle-class families. We will also provide tax credits for people whose children are cared for by parents, grandparents or other relatives. That’s not all – BC United will integrate child care facilities into schools and hospitals, while expanding options through public-private partnerships and incentivizing the private sector. 

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Scrap the NDP’s Job-Killing ‘CleanBC’ Scheme

The NDP’s so-called “CleanBC Plan” will kill jobs, kill paycheques, and plunge our province into a recession – while doing nothing for the environment. Their own economic model confirms this. BC United will scrap this destructive scheme.

Stop Apologizing for Our Resources

B.C.’s natural resources are the economic lifeblood of our province, but the NDP and their activist friends want us to be ashamed of them. It’s time to stop saying sorry for our resources.

Get to Yes on Resource Projects

Under the NDP, projects are choked by high taxes, red tape, and uncertainty. It’s time to end the NDP’s culture of “no,” simplify and expedite approvals, and start getting big things done again.

Go All-In on LNG

BC United will go all-in on LNG, displacing reliance on coal abroad and contributing to a cleaner planet, all while creating jobs and growing paycheques at home.

Make B.C. a Clean Energy Powerhouse

Our province should be a clean energy powerhouse, but the NDP cancelled clean power projects and made B.C. rely on imported power. BC United will make massive investments in clean power projects to make B.C. energy independent again.

Fair wages for Early Childhood Educators and child care providers

BC United recognizes the essential role of Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) and child care providers, that’s why we will immediately implement a fair wage grid for child care workers to reflect their qualifications and the critical service they provide.

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Establish a new Rent-to-Own program to unlock homeownership

This innovative program will require developers of new housing to set aside up to 15 percent of homes in participating projects for eligible British Columbians who are first-time buyers only. These qualified buyers will take possession and reside in the home for three years at which time the sale will officially complete. During these three years, participants will pay rent at market rates, with 100 percent of payments being applied toward their down payment — helping renters become homeowners.

Eliminate the Property Transfer Tax up to $1 million to help buyers save

BC United will eliminate the Property Transfer Tax for first-time buyers on properties valued up to $1 million —saving people up to $18,000 and making it more affordable to purchase a home.

Use empty public land to build affordable housing

BC United will offer non-profit and market homebuilders 99-year leases on unused public land at one dollar per year. In exchange, we will require builders to construct below-market rental housing for families and seniors.

Eliminate the PST on residential construction to build more homes

BC United will eliminate the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) on all new residential construction to make it cheaper to build more homes.

Cut Red Tape and Make Homes Cheaper

Red tape makes homes cost more for families. BC United will cut red tape to make homes cheaper.

Respect Private Property

BC United will regulate short-term rentals in a way that respects your property rights, while making sure there are enough homes for everyone.

End the International Student Scam

David Eby is making his housing crisis even worse by flooding the system with thousands of international students without any plan to house them. BC United will make universities prove they have room for B.C. students first before accepting students from abroad.

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Cancel Catch and Release

The NDP’s catch and release program dumps violent offenders on our communities where they commit more crimes against innocent, hard-working citizens. BC United will end the NDP’s revolving door of justice.

Ditch Decriminalization

The NDP’s decriminalization disaster has resulted in an explosion of open drug use in parks, playgrounds, and beaches. BC United will end the NDP’s failed experiment and focus on getting people well.

Take All Crime Seriously

When there’s no consequence for small crimes, offenders develop a sense of impunity. BC United will make sure all crimes have consequences to stop minor offenders from progressing to serious crimes.

Hire More Cops

Our brave men and women in uniform keep our neighbourhoods safe. BC United will hire hundreds of police officers to restore law and order to our streets.

Ban Open Drug Use

Parks and playgrounds are for kids and families, not drugs and crime. BC United will immediately ban drug use on playgrounds, parks, beaches, and public spaces.

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Focus on Treatment, Not Platitudes

For too long, the NDP has overlooked treatment in favour of publicly-supplied addictive drugs, that see people locked in an endless cycle of addiction and poverty. BC United will be laser-focused on treatment and recovery.

Make Treatment Affordable

Treatment should be accessible for everyone, regardless of income. BC United will eliminate NDP user fees at publicly funded addiction recovery centres.

Make Treatment Available

Treatment beds should be available for those who need them, when they need them, but NDP waitlists turn patients away. BC United will make sure there are enough treatment beds for everyone who needs them.

Provide Compassionate Involuntary Care

It is not compassionate to turn a blind eye and leave the severely mentally ill and addicted to languish on our streets with no ability to care for themselves. BC United will make compassionate involuntary treatment possible for those at risk of harming themselves or others.

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Make B.C. First, Not Worst

B.C. used to be a Canadian leader in health outcomes, but the NDP took us from first to worst. BC United will get us back to first by putting the interests of patients ahead of bureaucrats.

End Cancer Care Chaos

Under the NDP, cancer care is now the worst in Canada, with treatment so bad that patients are shipped to the U.S. for treatment. BC United will end the NDP’s cancer care chaos.

Hire Back Healthcare Workers

Our healthcare system is in shambles, but the NDP fired thousands of healthcare workers whose support we need now more than ever. BC United will immediately re-hire the unvaccinated healthcare workers that David Eby fired.

More to Come

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Bring Back Letter Grades

The NDP’s convoluted new grading scheme makes no sense to anyone. BC United will bring back common-sense letter grades that we can all understand.

Ban Cellphones in Class

Cellphones in class are bad for learning, but the NDP refuses to introduce a province-wide ban. BC United will ban cellphones in classrooms so our kids can get back to learning, not scrolling.

Build Schools, Not Portables

Under the NDP, more kids than ever are stuck in portables. BC United will build more schools so our kids can learn in real classrooms.

Include Parents

Parents deserve to know what’s going on in their kids’ schools. BC United will bring back transparent and age-appropriate curriculum and ensure parents are included in our education system.

Get Results

Before the NDP, our students were leading Canada in education, but now B.C. is well below average. BC United will focus on ensuring our kids learn the basics and get back to improved results.

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Modernize Firefighting Services

Our firefighting fleets need help. BC United will establish a modern, full-time firefighting service with more front-line personnel, an expanded provincial aircraft fleet, and cutting-edge fire suppression technology to protect homes and infrastructure.

Leverage Local Wildfire Expertise and Response Teams

Local expertise cannot continue to be ignored in response to wildfires. BC United will deploy local contractors for rapid fire suppression, and equipping local volunteer fire response teams, including First Nations and community members with supplies and resources.

Support Wildfire Evacuees Immediately

Evacuees and communities are being left without support for too long under the NDP. BC United will provide automatic financial support for evacuees during the first 72 hours, alongside efficient aid through streamlined Emergency Social Services for people and communities.

Move the Ministry of Forests and Overhaul Forest Management

People who make decisions about our forestry should come from the communities impacted by those decisions. BC United will move the Ministry of Forests from Victoria to Prince George, to protect forestry jobs from bureaucrats. We will also aggressively overhaul forestry management practices, and reduce wildfire risk through selective harvesting, expediting permits, regulatory changes, and financial incentives.

Protect Declining Wildlife

Our wildlife populations desperately need our help. BC United will invest $200 million to revitalize declining populations of B.C.’s iconic species and their habitats, and develop a strategy with industry experts to sustainably manage natural resources used for hunting, fishing, and viewing.

Establish an Independent Funding Model

BC United will establish an independent funding model, managed by a new agency that includes title holders and stakeholder to maximize provincial funds, by attracting support from NGOs, local governments, businesses, and through new means such as wildlife license plates and fines.

Restructure Oversight of Natural Resources

Centralize fish, wildlife, and habitat management within a dedicated Ministry, ensuring sustainable practices are at the forefront of provincial governance, and not undermined by other resource-based legislation.

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