United for a Safer B.C.

BC United Leader Kevin Falcon has announced his plan to put British Columbians’ right to safety ahead of the right of violent criminals to reoffend.

Under the NDP, B.C. has seen a 75 per cent increase in the rate of no-charge assessments, where individuals caught committing crimes are released with no charges. In Vancouver alone, this has led to the same 40 people being responsible for 6,385 negative police interactions in just one year, and an average of four people a day being subjected to random stranger attacks. The NDP’s catch-and-release program is compounded by a lack of adequate supports and treatment and rehabilitation programs for offenders with mental health and complex behavioural issues, increasing their entanglement with the justice system.

Our streets and public places belong to the public, not criminals. BC United will get back to putting British Columbians’ right to safety ahead of the right of violent criminals to reoffend.

Instead of addressing the root causes of crime, David Eby and the NDP have carelessly imposed a drug decriminalization policy without the proper guardrails or treatment options resulting in an increase in property crime and violent attacks. More than half of British Columbians fear becoming victims of crime in their own neighbourhood. If that’s not a wakeup call for the NDP, I don’t know what is.

Elenore Sturko

Shadow Minister for Mental Health, Addiction and Recovery

BC United’s key priorities include:

1. Aggressively fill 500 police vacancies across the province

2. End the NDP’s failed and reckless decriminalization of illicit drugs

3. Alternative sentencing and rehabilitation

4. Treat all crimes seriously

5. Pursue civil consequences for trafficking of drugs causing death

In addition, a Kevin Falcon-led government would restore safe communities in B.C. with the following further initiatives:

Supporting Police

Prosecuting Offenders

Combatting Crime