Tariq Malik

Candidate for Burnaby East


June 24, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Note: on Election Day, voting at the district electoral office is available until 4 p.m.


  • Britannia Comm Centre – Gym C 1661 Napier St, Vancouver
  • Charles Dickens Elem School  – 1010 E 17th Ave, Vancouver
  • Grandview Elem School – 2055 Woodland Dr, Vancouver
  • International Village Mall – 88 W Pender St, Vancouver
  • Kivan Club (BGC South Coast BC) – 2-2875 St George St, Vancouver
  • Mt. Pleasant Elem School – 2300 Guelph St, Vancouver
  • Queen Alexandra Elem School – 1300 E Broadway, Vancouver
  • RayCam Co-operative Centre – Gym 920 E Hastings St, Vancouver
  • Strathcona Comm Centre – 601 Keefer St, Vancouver
  • District Electoral Office – #615 369 Terminal Avenue, Vancouver

Get to Know Tariq Malik

Tariq Malik immigrated to Canada 36 years ago, and since then he has navigated diverse career paths from livestock farming and agriculture, to franchise restaurant management, to real estate, and to construction. A committed family man and esteemed figure in his community, he now stands as a Burnaby-based businessman, proud father of four, and a respected leader within the Bangladeshi community.

Presently, he aspires to represent Burnaby East as its MLA, driven by his deep-seated roots within the community and his eagerness to further invest in its prosperity. Acknowledging the significance of major industries to the province, he remains attuned to the everyday concerns of families, seniors, and small businesses amidst unpredictable times.

As a proactive community advocate, Tariq actively engages in initiatives such as founding the Vancouver Bangla School, fostering multiculturalism, and fostering community resilience. Reflecting on his inaugural vote cast 28 years ago, he cherishes the sense of empowerment it bestowed upon him, igniting a passion for civic engagement that propels his current campaign.

He humbly seeks the support of the electorate to secure his presence in the Legislative Assembly, emphasizing the importance of electing BC United candidates to steer the province back on course. Tariq looks forward to being a strong advocate for Burnaby East will passionately fight for the needs of all citizens from across the community.


“I am honoured to be nominated as BC United’s candidate for Burnaby East. My journey in Canada has been one of growth, resilience, and a commitment to serving others. Residents of Burnaby East have been let down by the failed policies of David Eby’s NDP, and I am looking forward to hitting the ground running with BC United to fix the issues facing our community.”
—Tariq Malik, BC United Candidate for Burnaby East

“Tariq Malik embodies the spirit of BC United: a dedicated individual with a proven track record of service and leadership who knows how to get results. His diverse background and unwavering commitment to the community make him the ideal candidate to represent Burnaby East, and I know he will bring real solutions to fix the crises British Columbians are facing in health care, cost-of-living and public safety.”
—Kevin Falcon, Leader of BC United

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