Candidate for West Vancouver-Capilano

June 24, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Note: on Election Day, voting at the district electoral office is available until 4 p.m.


  • Britannia Comm Centre – Gym C 1661 Napier St, Vancouver
  • Charles Dickens Elem School  – 1010 E 17th Ave, Vancouver
  • Grandview Elem School – 2055 Woodland Dr, Vancouver
  • International Village Mall – 88 W Pender St, Vancouver
  • Kivan Club (BGC South Coast BC) – 2-2875 St George St, Vancouver
  • Mt. Pleasant Elem School – 2300 Guelph St, Vancouver
  • Queen Alexandra Elem School – 1300 E Broadway, Vancouver
  • RayCam Co-operative Centre – Gym 920 E Hastings St, Vancouver
  • Strathcona Comm Centre – 601 Keefer St, Vancouver
  • District Electoral Office – #615 369 Terminal Avenue, Vancouver

Get to Know Caroline Elliott

Caroline and her husband, Craig, chose to build their lives on the North Shore a decade ago, and live in the riding of West Vancouver-Capilano. Their two young children were born at Lions Gate Hospital and attend preschool and grade one in the riding.  

As former Vice-President of BC United, and as a regular commentator on Global TV, CKNW, CBC, and in provincial and national publications, Caroline has long been a strong advocate for a principled, outcomes-based approach to governance that looks beyond the four-year election cycle to the next generation and the one after that.

As a commentator and PhD Candidate at SFU in the field of democratic theory and Canadian government, Caroline has been unafraid to take on tough issues. This has included advocating for a thriving, responsible natural resource sector and a strong private sector-driven economy that not only creates good jobs, but that also pays for the first-class public services British Columbians expect and deserve.

In her years at BC Hydro, Caroline helped advance the Site C project as a source of clean energy critical to meeting B.C.’s electricity needs while achieving B.C.’s climate goals. Through her own consulting firm, she has supported a wide range of clients, from the electricity and forestry sectors to large infrastructure projects and more. Early in her career, Caroline was a ministerial staffer at the B.C. Legislature.

As BC United’s West Vancouver-Capilano candidate, Caroline will continue to stand up for policies that will take less of British Columbians’ hard-earned money and use it better, rather than leaving our debts for our kids to pay off. She will fight for health care that is there for this generation and the next. And she will stand up for commuters by refusing to leave the North Shore in gridlock, getting started on infrastructure today that will serve for decades to come.  

Caroline is running because it is wrong for the NDP to expect British Columbians to just accept worsening outcomes as normal. She is putting her name on the ballot because it is time for a government that gets back to getting the basics right.


“I’ve known Caroline for 20 years, and very few people I know are as savvy, as thoughtful and as focused as she is. BC needs exceptional young people like her, who are unafraid and capable of taking on today’s significant challenges.”
–Gordon Campbell, Former Premier


“Caroline’s outstanding; I’ve followed her commentary on Global TV and her writing on important topics. Clearly, she doesn’t shy away from the tough issues. She’ll get my vote.”
—Ralph Sultan, former West Vancouver-Capilano MLA


“Caroline’s an exceptionally qualified mom of two young kids and she’s determined to build a better future for their generation. She’s got strong roots here and there’s no one I’d rather see represent our community.”
—Karin Kirkpatrick, current West Vancouver-Capilano MLA

Caroline Elliott
West Vancouver-Capilano

“As we gear up for an election in 2024, we’re moving quickly to assemble an outstanding BC United team. From doctors and entrepreneurs to lawyers and union members, British Columbians are going to look at our candidates and see a team ready to govern on day one. David Eby’s NDP have spent the last seven years failing on the basics, whether it’s B.C.’s crumbling health-care system, out-of-control crime, or the skyrocketing cost of homes. Together, with the BC United team we’re building across the province, I know we can fix it.”

Kevin Falcon
Leader of BC United

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