Kevin Falcon Statement on Byelection Call


April 2nd, 2022

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Today, BC Liberal Leader Kevin Falcon released the following statement in response to the byelection call in Vancouver-Quilchena:

“Ten years ago I left politics for my young girls. I’m returning to politics, not just for them, but for their entire generation.

“The NDP was elected on a platform of making life more affordable for British Columbians. Over the last half-decade, they have failed to deliver on this promise time and time again. The cost of living for regular British Columbians continues to rise – gas prices are the highest in North America, and housing costs are the highest they have been in our province’s history.

“British Columbians deserve leaders that understand not just how to talk about the big issues that we face, but also how to execute and get things done.

“With the trust of Vancouver-Quilchena residents, I will go to Victoria to advocate for common-sense policies that will focus on growing a strong economy, reducing the tax burden faced by middle-class British Columbians, and providing support to the most vulnerable British Columbians who are struggling the most.

“This byelection is the first step towards bringing needed leadership and competence back to the province of British Columbia. I am excited to get the campaign underway. I will work hard every day to earn the support of Vancouver-Quilchena residents so that I can hold the NDP to account and make sure that we get big things done in British Columbia again.”


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