Hidden B.C. government report reveals CleanBC will kill 200,000 jobs, cut services and make British Columbians poorer


Tuesday, November 21, 2023

SURREY, B.C. – Today, BC United Leader Kevin Falcon announced his plan to scrap the NDP’s destructive so-called CleanBC Plan and replace it with a commonsense plan that will build B.C.’s economy, create jobs, and grow peoples’ paycheques, all while reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.

“The NDP’s so-called CleanBC Plan will kill jobs, kill paycheques, kill billions in funding for vital public services and plunge our province into a recession,” said Kevin Falcon, Leader of BC United. “The NDP’s plan won’t even make a dent in global greenhouse gas emissions, but British Columbians will pay an enormous price. The CleanBC Plan is nothing more than a ‘CostBC’ scheme.”

Analysis by the Business Council of British Columbia using the NDP’s own hidden numbers has revealed the shocking economic costs and destructive impacts of the NDP’s reckless plan.

The NDP’s ‘CostBC’ scheme will slam the brakes on our economy, seeing growth slow to just 0.4 per cent in 2030 — the lowest rate in the history of the province. It will see household incomes plummet by $11,000 annually and see B.C. lose 200,000 jobs. In addition, it will significantly shrink B.C.’s economy, leading to a nearly $3 billion loss in tax revenue for healthcare, education and other vital services.

“British Columbians are stretched to the limit, more kids than ever before are learning in portables and our healthcare system is being pushed to the brink. In the face of all this, B.C. cannot afford the NDP’s dangerous ‘CostBC’ scheme,” said Falcon. “We need commonsense measures that will grow our economy and actually fight climate change, rather than punishing hardworking British Columbians who are just trying to make ends meet.”

Today, Kevin Falcon announced that a BC United government will:

  1. Scrap the NDP’s ‘CostBC’ scheme: Kevin Falcon and BC United will scrap the NDP’s ‘CostBC’ scheme and replace it with commonsense measures that focus on real climate results while providing more jobs, higher incomes and lower taxes.
  2. Go all-in on LNG: Kevin Falcon and BC United will go all-in on B.C. LNG, displacing reliance on coal abroad, reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and improving our economy at home.
  3. Prioritize private sector innovation: Kevin Falcon and BC United will prioritize areas like Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage and the electrification of the LNG sector.
  4. Invest in climate-resilient infrastructure: Kevin Falcon and BC United will invest in climate-resilient infrastructure to not only prepare for the impacts of climate change, but also create jobs and economic growth. A BC United government will invest in resilient reservoirs, durable dykes and other key infrastructure.
  5. Cut wildfire emissions: Kevin Falcon and BC United will aggressively overhaul forestry management practices. By hitting fires hard and fast upon initial identification, we can significantly reduce a major source of carbon emissions — which in some seasons have exceeded 300 per cent of B.C.’s annual emissions. These measures complement BC United’s comprehensive wildfire policy reforms, which focus on modernizing the firefighting service, leveraging local expertise, empowering local response teams and improving support for evacuees.
  6. End the unfair EV subsidy: Kevin Falcon and BC United will end the unfair EV subsidy. Hardworking, lower income folks should not be subsidizing Teslas for the wealthy in the middle of an affordability crisis.

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of major announcements Falcon made last month to address affordability. Those measures include eliminating the provincial fuel tax, cancelling David Eby’s carbon tax hikes, removing the carbon tax from home heating, and lowering food costs through the elimination of the fuel tax entirely and the carbon tax from on-farm fuel use.

“The NDP’s failed leadership has made British Columbia the most unaffordable province in Canada, yet the NDP plans to make things drastically worse by shrinking paycheques and killing jobs,” added Falcon. “Our commonsense, realistic plan recognizes that in a cost-of-living crisis, people need well-paying jobs more than ever. It has never been a choice between real climate action and our economy; this plan recognizes that with real leadership, these things go hand-in-hand.”  

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