BC United moves to protect private property owners

May 14, 2024

VICTORIA, B.C. – Despite repeated calls from BC United to pause the signing of the agreement and to introduce the legislation as an exposure draft, Premier David Eby’s NDP government has continued to advance Bill 25, the Haida Nation Recognition Amendment Act, 2024.

Despite Premier Eby’s recent declarations of this Act as a ‘template’ for recognizing aboriginal title, which underscores the far-reaching implications of this policy potentially affecting private property rights throughout British Columbia, BC United’s calls for enhanced transparency and extensive public consultation have been ignored. In response, BC United has introduced amendments to the legislation.

“We have been tirelessly urging the NDP government to see that Bill 25’s approach to recognizing Aboriginal title over fee simple land only adds unnecessary uncertainty and division,” said Kevin Falcon, BC United Leader. “As the NDP persists in advancing Bill 25 without pause, BC United has proactively introduced amendments to safeguard the rights of private property owners.”

These amendments include:

  • Excluding private lands from the Aboriginal title area;
  • Ensuring that the Haida Nation’s right to ‘governance’ does not extend to fee simple lands; and
  • Allowing property owners and mortgage lenders to claim compensation from the B.C. government if their rights are adversely affected by this bill or the related agreement with the Haida Nation.

“These amendments provide clarity and certainty under Bill 25”, added Michael Lee, BC United Shadow Minister for Attorney General and Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation. “If the government truly intends to protect fee simple lands, the clearest and most effective measure would be to exclude these lands from the title area through these amendments.”

BC United remains dedicated to ensuring transparent, inclusive governance, and will continue to safeguard the rights of all British Columbians against policy decisions by the Eby government that create uncertainty.


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