BC United calls for full audit and core review of Metro Vancouver

May 31, 2024

VANCOUVER, B.C. – BC United is calling for a full audit and core review of Metro Vancouver following several major project cost overruns and delays, as well as reports of extraordinary spending by Board Members on global luxury travel, which followed the NDP’s reckless decision to eliminate the Auditor General for Local Government position.

With the North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant $3 billion over-budget and ten years delayed, the Iona Island wastewater treatment plant $8 billion over the original budget and five years delayed, and the ongoing scandal regarding first-class flights and misspent taxpayer dollars – the organization that has gone beyond its mandate and clear urgent action is required immediately.

A core review will involve a top to bottom review of the organization’s original mandate, with a goal to rein in the massive ‘mandate creep’ that has seen the organization’s budget and bureaucracy explode over the decades.

“I am calling for an immediate, full audit and core review into Metro Vancouver because residents deserve answers and solutions to the mismanagement they are witnessing at the organization,” said Kevin Falcon, Leader of BC United and B.C.’s Official Opposition. “Unfortunately, the problems we are seeing at Metro Vancouver can be partially attributed to the NDP’s reckless decision to eliminate the Auditor General for Local Government in 2020, after the position was created by the former BC United government in 2013.”

In addition to calling for an immediate full audit and core review of Metro Vancouver, a BC United government led by Kevin Falcon would:

  • Re-hire a provincial Auditor General for Local Government,
  • Give the province oversight on Metro Vancouver projects over $50 million in order to protect taxpayer interests.

“At a time when British Columbia has become the most unaffordable province in Canada to live, taxpayers simply can’t afford any more wasted tax dollars, and more raises for politicians,” said Kevin Falcon. “Taxpayers deserve to have an independent voice to report on the financial decisions made by their local governments and ensure they get value-for-money, and a BC United government will ensure that happens.”


Media Contact:
Adam Wilson
Director of Communications, BC United


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