Doing more of the same is not going to drive better results. It’s time for significant change in British Columbia.
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Better is Possible

A True System of Care

BC United Leader Kevin Falcon has announced his plan to both overhaul the delivery of mental health services, and build a recovery-oriented system of care for those suffering from addiction.

“Over 40 years, successive BC governments closed down a rightly criticized institutional approach to mental health without ensuring an adequate system of supports were available for former patients in communities. It’s never the wrong time to do the right thing.”

— Kevin Falcon, Leader of BC United

Innovative models like the Red Fish Healing Centre – located on the former Riverview lands – treat patients with severe and complex mental health and addictions in a caring and compassionate way. This project started under the former BC Liberal government is exactly the type of treatment model we would dramatically expand by tripling the beds at the existing site, while adding regional facilities across the province.

Karin Kirpatrick

Shadow Minister for Housing
When people want treatment, they need it immediately. Recovery can lift people from social isolation, poverty and self-destruction, and help them rebuild careers, restore relationships and regain their health and happiness. We should be doing everything we can to make that possible.

Shirley Bond

Shadow Minister for Health
Frankly, enough is enough. It’s been seven years since a state of public emergency was called on the overdose crisis. No-one honestly believes the status quo is working. It’s time for significant change. Instead of perpetuating an endless debate of harm reduction versus recovery, we need to provide all supports possible to people trying to overcome addiction and give them every opportunity to get better.

Elenore Sturko

Shadow Minister for Mental Health, Addiction and Recovery

Kevin Falcon and his team will be using the strategies below as the foundation for a culturally appropriate, true system of care should they form government after the next election:

Affordable, Accessible Treatment Now

Compassionate Care for Complex Mental Health Needs

Awareness & Prevention

British Columbians deserve a true system of care.
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