We will Fix It

Who is BC United?

We believe in the power of unity, leadership, and innovation to build a bright future for all British Columbians. For too long, we’ve watched as the current government has eroded our confidence and optimism, leaving us with a sense of despair and division.

We know that a better British Columbia is within reach. With a combination of leadership, compassion, community, and competence, there is no problem too big to fix and no vision too bold to strive for.

United, we’ll challenge the status quo, ask the hard questions, source the big ideas, and take on the tough problems. We believe that innovation, courage, and outside-the-box ideas are crucial to solving our province’s biggest challenges, like healthcare, housing, public safety, and climate change.

Through bridging our differences and focusing relentlessly on improving the lives of all British Columbians, we are committed to building a bright future now, and for generations to come.

Join us today and help us make a difference.

We are BC United.

We Believe

WE BELIEVE a prosperous economy is critical to supporting your family and providing the first-class public services you expect and deserve.

WE BELIEVE in treating your hard-earned taxes respectfully, with an eye on real, measurable results that make life better for you.

WE BELIEVE in thinking long-term, beyond the four-year election cycle, to achieve a bright future for your kids, your grandkids, and the generations after that.

WE BELIEVE in going beyond the status quo, and that innovation and courage are crucial to solving our biggest challenges, like healthcare, housing and climate change.

WE BELIEVE that your right to public safety should come before the rights of violent criminals to reoffend, and we will never accept lawlessness and violence as normal.

WE BELIEVE being truly united means reflecting the great diversity of the public we wish to serve, with a rich mix of backgrounds, perspectives, cultures, experiences and faiths.

WE BELIEVE that with the right mix of leadership, compassion, community, and competence, there is no problem too big to fix, and no vision too bold to strive for.

If you believe, like we do… join us.

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